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The special product is a product that triggers actions when it is used at the cash register. For instance, it can ask a question when you click on it…

Synonym for product

Special product, special products

Where can I manage special products?

Managing special productsYou can manage special products in the “Shop” section then in the “Products” module and in the ”Add products” and ”Manage products” menus. You can create or delete a product and/or edit its properties.

The special product

The list appearing in the “Properties” field and giving the special characteristics to the products needs to be implemented with StadLine.

Using special products

You can use special product when you are at the cash register or when you are making a reservation. For instance, when you are selling a member subscription at the cash register, a new window can appear as in the following picture:

Using the special product at the cash register

This pop-up window prompts you to answer a question or to specify a start or end date.
In the example above, the system wants to know when the subscription starts. The status of the member will be set to “Subscriber” for the time of the subscription.


The “Voucher+” special product must be implemented with StadLine. It allows you to accept prepaid vouchers or vouchers that companies will be charged for.

  • Prepaid voucher: They allow you to sell vouchers to a company and to save their redemption on the company’s account.
  • Voucher with delayed invoicing: it allows you to save the vouchers on the company’s account and to invoice the company for these vouchers following a payment schedule.

Custom-price product

When using a “Custom-price” special product, ExtraClub prompts you to enter a name and a price for the product when you click on it. It can be useful when you need to enter the payment of a product that has not been previously saved or to save the payment of custom fees.

Voucher product

The “Voucher” special product allows you to sell vouchers and save the numbers sold, the name of the person or company you sold them to and to save the redeem date on the buyer's account.

Characteristics of a special product

These are products that you have already sold to other structures which, in turn, sell them to their clients. Then, these clients give you the vouchers to get a reservation.

For instance, “1-month full-time”. This product will trigger the following action: when selling the subscription, you will be asked who you are selling it to and you will need to provide the actual start and end dates of the subscription. The start and end dates of the “Full time” member type will be automatically added to the person's details.

If you want to sell a subscription without using the special product, you need to:

  • Create a product called “1-month subscription” in the “manage products” menu
  • Sell the “1-month subscription” product at the cash register, in the “Shop” section then, in the “Cash register” module, and in the “Cash register” menu.
  • Go to the “Add member” menu, in the “members” module of the “Members” section.
  • Add the person entering this information, especially the subscription's start and end dates.


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