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Welcome to the ExtraClub manuals! Here you will find all the information you need to use your ExtraClub management software solution.

How to use this help ?

How to use this help?The ExtraClub manuals also have their help page. Get to know how to use it!

I'm getting started with ExtraClub, what do I need to do ?

Getting started First of all, we invite you to carefully read the minimum requirements page so you can use our software in the best conditions. You will also find advice so you can choose the offer that fits your needs and make your first steps on ExtraClub.

Main features

The Member Area section

The Member Area Section The Member services section allows users to login and have access to the services they can use.

The Member section

Member management The “Manage members” section of ExtraClub allows you to create page that gather custom information on your members with just a few clics. You can decide which parameters are relevant so you only show the data you need. And this is not all: you can also get statistics, create lists or even send email to your members, subscribers or former clients.

The Reservation section

Reservation management With the “Manage reservations” feature of ExtraClub, you can manage your reservation schedules and set your own criteria of use. Any function can be edited! And if you don’t know how to use it, let’s follow the guide:

The Shop section

Shop management The Shop Section is a powerful tool to manage your products and cash registers if you have a point of sale. You can easily set up the prices of your products and subscriptions, make discounts, credit notes or even give refunds. Get detailled statistics as well as information on the status of your inventories in real time and analyze this data to optimize the management of your club.

The Settings section

Settings SectionYou can set all the parameters of ExtraClub so that it fits all your needs. Here are a few tips to setup your ExtraClub.

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