Creating a custom field

Reminder: What is a custom field?

You can add custom fields on your member's profiles. They allow you to enter information you need so you can find it easily. With this custom fields, you can export statistics or even lists of members to help you in the daily management of your club.

How can I add a custom field?

To add a custom field, you just need to display the profile of a member. To do so, go to the Members section, then click on the “Members” module and choose “Manage members”. Search for a member to view his or her profile, then under “Custom information”, right click on the row where you want to add the field and click on “Add new field”. A new window appears:

Add a custom field

Do not forget these important steps

The field entitled “Name of field” allows you to enter the name you want to give to this custom item. You will find several examples for each type of field below, after this general explanation.
Then, the “Required?” option lets you specify if the field must be filled in when a member is added. If the information is not provided, you will not be able to confirm the profile and get an error message as long as you do not fill in the field properly. Check “Yes” if you think that this information is very important and that it must be specified.
The “Availability of the new field” field allows you to choose if you want members to see this information on their profile when they log in to their ExtraClub. You can decide if it is useful that members can view and edit this item. We will see how to make a decision with examples below.

Choosing the right type of field

It all depends on the type of information you want to display. Is it a date? a license plate number? an explanation? a choice among several classes? a yes/no question? You will see that each type was designed for a specific purpose.

In all cases, this page was made to help you create a field, that is to say create the box that will be displayed on all the members' profiles and that you will need to fill in for each member. If you need to know how to fill in these fields, please read the page dedicated to the edition of member's profiles.

A medical certificate

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
The “Medical certificate” field allows you to list all the medical certificates the client has given you. You can choose the number of certificates you want to display. If you need to display the list of the last 3 certificates your client has given you, just type “3” in the “No. of seasons to show”. To create the field, do not forget to click on Confirm.

A yes/no question

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
The “Yes/no” field lets you set up a short question to be answered with “yes” or “no”. To do so, the title of the field must contain a question.

Example #1

You wish to organize a barbecue party with your members. To make the organization easier, you need to create a field named “Will attend barbecue?” The possible answer will be “yes” or “no”. Thanks to this system, you will only need to ask the member when he or she comes to the front desk and edit the details on his or her profile. So, when everyone has replied, you will get the list of all the people coming to your barbecue using the "List of members" function. It will help you know the number of people who are coming and manage your grocery inventories.

Example #2

You want to organize a backpacking trip with your members, departing from your club. You can create a field called “Attends backpacking trip (05/03/2012)”. In so doing, thanks to the member list export, you will be able to easily export a list of participants as well as their phone numbers (if you have entered this contact information). On the day of the trip, you will have the complete list of participants and information to contact them if they are not on time for the departure. It will be very useful, especially if you are in a hurry.

Example #3

Thanks to the “Yes/no” field, you can specify who wants to receive the newsletter. You can also know who is participating in competitions. The purpose is to export the list of members to send them newsletters or to contact them during competition periods.

Of course, do not forget to confirm. :-D

Choice among a custom list

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
Before creating this field, you will need to set up a custom list. Once you have created this list, you will be able to use it here. Make sure you give a proper name to your list so you know exactly what it is. Indeed, if you have many lists, you will need to differentiate them all.

You can create a personal list in the Member section, then in the “Settings” module and in the “Custom lists” menu. Click here to find advice to guide you on the creation of custom lists.

A menu like the one below appears: Choosing among a custom list

List settings

The “Multiple choice” field was made to specify if several items in the list can be chosen. For instance, your club offers fitness classes every Saturday and the client wishes to subscribe. As all these classes are given on a single day, you want to allow members to attend only one class. To set up a limit, you need to select “no”.

The “List to be used” allows you to choose the custom list you have previously set up on the “Custom list”. If you have given a specific name to your list, you should be able to find it easily.

The “Default value” allows you to specify the value (that is to say one of the elements of your list) that will be displayed first. This parameter is only used for display and does not affect the choice. It was only designed to save time. For instance, if most people choose to take the 2-to-4 class, you can select the “2pm-4pm” item to be displayed by default. As a result, you will not need to open the combo box (unless a member wants to choose another class) and you will not waste time when filling the member's profile. Usually, the default value is the blank space inviting you to open the combo box. To select this blank space, click above the first item of the list you have created.

In our example, we get the following screen: Fitness custom field Once you have finished, click on “Confirm”.

A member

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
This type of field allows you to add the name of another member on the profile of a member. For instance, if your club uses the notion of sponsor or referent, you can display their names on the member's profile. This function can also be useful for clubs that do not use the notion of “family” on ExtraClub. Thanks to this type of field, you can specify the name of a spouse or a child.

The “Default value” field allows you to set up the name that will be displayed by default. However, it seems logical to leave the field blank by default because it is not relevant to display the name of a particular member by default.

When you have finished, click on Confirm.

A number

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
You can also choose to display a number. This type of field is often used to show data related to a sport. For instance, you can specify the height or the weight of the member for sports requiring this type of information. Moreover, you can create a field such as “Speed” or “Best time” if you think it is useful for you.

Click on Confirm to validate.

A short text

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
This type of field allows you to enter data containing both letters and numbers. It can be useful if your club has a parking lot: you can create the “License plate number” or “Parking spot number” fields. This type of field also allows you to enter a license number that would contain letters. Once you have finished, click on Confirm.

A long text

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
With this type of custom field, you can create a “comment” field. There is no character limitation.

Don't forget to confirm.

A date

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
Thanks to this custom field, you can specify the date of arrival of the member at the club, for instance.
Then, confirm the changes.

A date and time

When creating a new field, keep these important steps in mind.
Thanks to the “date and time” field, you can create waiting lists. Let's imagine you organize a trip for 50 people. All the spots are quickly reserved and more members wish to come, too. This system will enable you to create a waiting list according to the date and time they asked to join the trip. As a result, if one of the 50 people changes their mind, the next person on the waiting list will take their place. Members will be able to have access to the event according to the date and time of their subscription (to that event).
This operation can be done by exporting the list of members using the "List of members" function. Don't forget to confirm!

Special fields

To use the following fields:

  • locker
  • resource

you need to set up the “locker” and “resource” functions on ExtraClub because they are linked to these fields. If this is not the case, you cannot use these fields.

Similarly, the following notions:

  • Choice among administrative and sport categories
  • Choice among the groups already set up on ExtraClub
  • List of countries
  • Rankings

must have been set up so you can use them on the list export function.

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