Deleting a member's profile

Key features

Where can I delete a member?

To delete a member, you need to go to his profile. You will find this function in the Members section, under the “Members” module and the “Manage members” menu. Generally, if you just click on the Members section, the “Manage members” page will appear right away.

Alternatives to member deletion

When a member leaves the club, the first move is usually to delete that member's profile. However, we can wonder if it is a good idea. Indeed, you will lose all the information you have gathered on this person. That's why, instead of deleting this member, you can apply the “Former client” member type. This process allows you to keep information on this person so you can contact him or her again and send offers so he or she subscribes to your club again.

If don't want your member to appear on the database, you can apply the “resigned” or “dismissed” status. In so doing, this person will no longer appear in your search results unless you check the “include 'dismissed'/'resigned' status” box under the search bar.

If you want to delete a member because he or she appears twice (or more) on the database, you can merge and purge the profiles. This action will allow you to group information that could have been typed separately on each profile so don't lose any info on invoices and purchases made at the shop. We invite you to read the help page dedicated to the "merge and purge" function.

How can I delete a member's profile?

If you are sure you want to delete a member, you just need to go to the member's profile (search for the member on the “Manage members” menu) and hit the “Delete” button located under the “Positive and negative balances” box.

If the member has a positive or negative balance (in euros or points), you will not be able to delete the profile. The member must get his or her money back or pay the money he or she owes to the club before leaving. This is the same for points.

Do not delete a member's profile unless you are completely sure you will not need it later. All the information linked to the profile will be deleted, too.

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