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This step is essential. You only need to be careful when filling in the fields.

Having a clean base will help you manage your club efficiently.

Introduction to the page

Adding a new memberThe page is divided into 6 blocks:

  • Personal information
  • Administrative information
  • Picture
  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Login

Personal information

To add a new member, you only need to enter the required information. Choose the title in the combo box. You can choose between “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Any”. Then, type in the last and first name of the new member. You can also enter their birth date by clicking on the calendar. You can also add comments that will be displayed on the member's profile. Only you and your employees at the front desk can see these comments. This function can be very useful as a reminder. Moreover, you can enter the date of arrival at the club. When you click on the field, a small calendar appears and you can select the date of the day or another date. You can type in information on medical certificates provided by the member, that is to say the day of delivery and the expiry date. There is another field for comments related to medical certificates where you can enter information such as “Knee problems” or “Scheduled surgery”.
If you have created custom fields, enter the required information.

Administrative information

On this box, you need to type in information on the member type. First of all, you need to assign a member type to your member. To achieve this action, click on the combo box and select the right member type on the “Type” field. You can assign this type for a given time span. Therefore you need to enter a start and an end date. Usually, members subscribe for a year so the end date is roughly the subscription date + 1 year. You can add comments here, too.


This box allows you to add a picture of the member on their profile. There are two ways of doing it. You can add a picture which is saved on your hard drive by clicking on “Browse” and choosing the file where you store your pictures. If you have a webcam, you can take the picture of the member at the front desk. You just need to click on the “Picture” button. A new window appears. Adjust the angle by moving the camera and click on “Take the picture”. You can do it as many times as you need if the picture is a failure. Click on the picture you want to use (on the box, on the right) and hit “Confirm”.


To enter an address, check the box next to the type of address you want to provide. If the member wants to give you their home address, check that box and a new menu will appear. You only need to type in the required information that fits in the various fields.

If you provide only one address, the “Set as mailing address” will be automatically checked. All the mail you want to send to this person will be sent to this address.

Remember that your member's address will remain confidential. The club's manager is the only person who can use the data stored on ExtraClub. The “Address” field is not required but it can be very useful to have the mailing address of a member so you can send them special offers or an invitation to subscribe again when their subscription is almost over.

Contact information

On this part, you can enter a home phone number, a cell phone number, an email address or a fax number.
To provide a contact information, check the corresponding box. Under the “Value” field, type in the number or e-mail address.

If you enter only one contact information, the “Set as main contact information” will be automatically checked.

To contact your members, it is generally more efficient to have a phone number or an email address. Thanks to the phone number, you will be able to contact the member more easily. As for the email address, it is very useful to send targeted emails containing special offers or to send newsletters.

Username and password

When you create a new member, ExtraClub assigns a username and a password to this person. This information will allow them to log in to the interface. You can choose to send them this information in an email (provided that this item was entered in the Contact information box). This is the safest method. The information is also displayed on their profile and you will need to give them orally or to write it down on a piece of paper. Don't forget to tell your member that their username and password are private and that they should not give them to anybody and try not to lose it.

Once you have entered all this information, hit the “Confirm” button.

Merge and purge peopleA screen entitled “Merge and purge people” may appear if the member you have just created has a name similar to an already existing member. If it happens, and if you are sure that the person does not already exist in the database, click on “Confirm”. The new member will be created.
If the person you wanted to add already exists, click on “Cancel”.

Confirmation message

A confirmation message appears. You can also display the member's password, just click on the link. Now, you can give the member their login information so they can login to ExtraClub.

At this stage, you can add another member by clicking on “Add a new member”.

You can also go to the member's details by clicking the “See the member's details” button.

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