Common problems with members' profiles

I can't find a member's profile, why?

There may be several reasons to this problem:

  • the name you typed in contains a spelling mistake
  • the name of the member was misspelled when he or she subscribed
  • the member type has been changed to “dismissed” or “resigned”
  • the profile has been deleted

Searching in the database

In ExtraClub, there are several ways to look for a member. If you enter three characters, the software solution will search the database for all the names which begin with these three letters.
When you enter four or more characters, ExtraClub will search for all the names containing these letters, be they at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the name. This option is very useful when you are looking for a member whose name is an aristocratic name containing for instance “de la” as in “de la Rochefoucault”. Indeed, if you type “de la”, you will get the list of all the members whose name contains “de la” and that can make many results. So, to compensate that problem, you can simply type the rest of the name like “roch” to get the list of all the names containing the sequence of characters “roch”. Pay attention not to type “roc” only because you would get a list with all the names beginning with “roc” and “de la Rochefoucault would therefore be excluded.

The more characters you type, the more precise the search. However, the risk of making a mistake increases as well.

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The name of the member was misspelled

Sometimes, the name of a member was misspelled when his or her profile was created. To find it, you can to type different spellings or enter sequences of four characters corresponding to the end of the name for instance. Let's imagine your member's name is “Szcpynski”. You try to type in the first three letters “szc” and the name does not show up in the search results. Maybe there was a mistake when the profile was created. You can also try other spellings (without the “c” or replacing the “y” with an “i”…) or you can to enter an easier sequence of four characters, for instance “nski”. ExtraClub will give you the list of all the names containing “nski” and you can search among the results.

Once you have found the profile, edit it to correct the mistake.

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The member type has changed

Another common reason for not finding a member is that the member type assigned to the member has been changed. To include all the members of your database in your search, check the “Include dismissed/resigned members”. This option will allow you to search the entire database.

Once your member was found, don't forget to change the member type assigned to the member if he or she is still going to your club and has subscribed a contract.

Deleted profile

If, after you have tried all the methods mentioned above, you still cannot find your member's profile, it means that it was probably deleted. You will need to create a new profile using the “Add a member” function or when making a reservation or purchasing something at the store when creating a quick-profile.

Do not forget to give or send via email the new username and password to log in to ExtraClub.

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The same profile appears several times, what can I do?

There may be three reasons for this:

  • your member is the “head of the household”
  • several people have the same name in your club
  • you member was added twice

Families on ExtraClub

If your member is the head of the household, his or her name will appear twice on the search results. The first instance corresponds to the family's profile and the name is displayed as follows “SMITH (John)”.
The second instance corresponds to the member's profile and is displayed as follows: “SMITH John”. These two results are not duplicates: they correspond to two different notions on ExtraClub. Therefore, you shouldn't delete either one of these elements.

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Members having the same name

Sometimes, two of your clients may have the same name. In this case, the profiles correspond to two different people and you shouldn't delete any of them.
To help you differentiate the two, you can enter the member's middle name. That will make it easier to find. Moreover, saving the member's photo on his profile can be a good way to find the member on the list rapidly.

Duplicated profiles

If you are sure there are no namesakes in your club, then your member's details have probably been entered twice on the database. To solve this problem, do not delete any one of these profiles: you can use the merge and purge the profiles! This function will allow you to keep all the information on reservation as well as information related to the shop for each profile and to group them.

In all cases, avoid deleting a member's profile because there must be a reason why it was created. You could lose important information.

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