The notion of family or company


Thanks to families on ExtraClub, you can group members who are part of the same family or who wish to use a common balance. This notion is very useful in the shop section. Indeed, children can buy products and use their parents' balance to pay. The balance of the head of household is used by the whole family. Of course, you can set up limits.

Where can I find the notion of family/company notion?

You can find the Family/company tab in the “Manage members” menu that you can find in the “Members section and in the “Members” module. You only need to search for a member and to click on the Family/Company tab.

The Family / Company tab

The family/company tab

On this tab, you can edit the address information for the family as well as other contact information such as the phone number or the email address. You can also add new members to the family or assign members of a family to another.
To do this, click on “Edit”. A new screen will appear prompting you to edit the name of the family, the address or contact information. At the bottom of the screen, the “Members” block allows you to edit the status assigned to members or to remove them from the family. Statuses among families

Editing the status of one or several members

To change the status that has been assigned to a member, you need to open the combo box that is located next to the name of the member and to choose another status in the list. The “head of household” status can be assigned to one person per family (or company). If you try to assign it twice within a single family, you will get an error message. Once the selection has been made, click on “Confirm”.

Creating a family/company per member

If you wish to assign a new family to one or several members, you only need to check the box on the left of the name of the member(s) then click on the combo box and choose the “Create a family / company for each member” and then click en “Confirm”. You will find these members in the Member management.

Assign members to another family

To make this operation, you only need to select the member(s) then to choose “Assign members to another family” and to confirm. A new screen appears.

Assign members to another family

When you start typing the name of the target family, a combo box appears and invites you to choose who is the “head of household” of the target family you are looking for. If the member you want to move also had the “head of household” status, ExtraClub changes it and opens a combo box so you can select a new status within the target family.
Once you have specified who is the head of household and what is the new status of the member, you can click on confirm. If you made a mistake, you can still cancel the changes.
A confirmation message appears right away. Confirm once again. Then, ExtraClub displays the Family/company tab of the family the member has just joined.

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