Creating a member : step 0

Understanding the notion

The “Add a member” page allows you to create a new member. This is one of the three ways of adding a member to the database. Indeed, you can create a member from the cash register of the Shop Section or when making a reservation from the Reservation Section.

The page we are going to explain here is the complete profile page of the member and contains all the information that can be provided. That is why, when you start creating a member from here, it is necessary to be careful because there are many fields to fill in and it is not always easy to do it in a hurry (especially if the person is standing in front of you, waiting).

How can I go to this page ?

To visit this page, you need to go to the Members Section and to click on the “Member” module and select the “Add a member” menu.

Get to know how the page works

When you click to add a new member, a message appears, explaining how the system works.

Creating a new member

Click on the Step 1 button to go to the next step.
If you need to get more help for the first of the creation of a member, click here.

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