How can I set up and configure my ExtraClub?

Once you have discovered ExtraClub (take a tour of the software solution and you will save time in setting it up), we will guide you to setup your ExtraClub. It is very important that you follow these steps in this order: it is better to set it up right, right from the start rather than having to go back and edit all the settings.

For instance, the notion of “member type” is used in the shop and reservation sections. Moreover, the products that can be reserved and which are defined in the shop section are used in the reservation section.

Basic requirements

These are the basic settings you need to configure before using ExtraClub in a way which is adapted to your club. All the other settings will be done as you are using the solution, according to your specific needs. You can also read the manuals at any time to get help.

Standard parameters

Standard parameters are applied to the most commonly used functions in ExtraClub. Of course, you need to set up the basic requirements first.

On ExtraClub, you don't need to set up everything. You only need to set up all the functions you are going to use. You can set up the various settings and parameters as your use of the software is evolving.

For each new notion, you will find a help page describing the notion and designed to support you in managing the settings and parameters of these functions. You can also use the search function of the help so you know where to find the feature you need.

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