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The ExtraClub user guide was designed to help you either you are a beginner or a confirmed user needing a little support when using a notion which is a little complicated. You will find many examples as well as screenshots to guide you and lead you to achieve the actions you want to do on ExtraClub.

You can click on any image to enlarge.

Usually, most pages begin with a short introduction to the notion (creating of a member, adding a product, making a reservation) with an explanation. Then, you will find a presentation of the notion's purpose as well as details on how to use the page and examples of use according to various types of clubs.

There are several ways to use this help:

  • you can use the contextual help
  • you can type keywords in the search bar
  • you can browse through the sitemap

Remember that you can click on all the words in orange. These links can lead you a particular sublevel on the page you are visiting (when you click on a link of a table of contents) or on a completely different page (when you are redirected towards a different notion appearing on another section, module or menu).

Contextual help

When you are using the software, you can click on the question mark Help icon at any time. It is located at the top right corner on the menu bar. A window opens up on the right side of your screen and displays the help page corresponding to the page you are visiting.

You can browse through this window and click on the links that will lead you to more details, other steps or other notions.

If the window is too small, you can enlarge it by placing the cursor of your mouse on the left border of this window. Your cursor turns into a small dash with an arrow on each side. You only need to click there, hold the click and draw the windows towards the left to enlarge it.

It is also possible to open it in a new window by clicking on the “Open in a new window” button Open guide in a new window. The page opens up in a new and wider window. You can also go full screen.

You can click on the “X” to close the window. Close window

Searching using keywords

Once you open the help window, you can also make a new search by typing the keywords and clicking on the OK* button or to press the *Enter key on you keyboard.
Among the results, you can find the help pages containing the keywords in the title and in the contents. At this stage, you only need to click on the page corresponding to your needs.

Searching through the tree structure

To access the tree structure of the help, that is to say the sitemap containing all the pages ordered into categories, you need to open the guide in a new window. Then, scroll down to get to the bottom of the page. There, you can click on “Sitemap” to show the tree structure.


The sitemap appears:
The blue links are the titles of categories (they were built using the names of sections, modules and menus of the ExtraClub software). You can open them with a single click to display the sublevels. When a category is open, the little arrow placed on the left of the title is aiming towards the bottom. Also, subcategories are indented: the deeper the level, the more it is indented to the right.

The orange links are the links leading to the help pages. Some pages are summary tables leading to pages providing more details where you will find the answer to your question.

Useful reminders

Don't forget the menus at the top of each page. They will help you get to the associated notion you would be interested in.

Moreover, when a different notion is dealt with (for instance, when talking of reservations in the Members Section), a link to the corresponding theme will be available. So, you will be able to find an explanation for this (new) notion. These links allow you to navigate between pages.

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