Logging in and managing passwords

How do I login for the first time?

When you subscribed as a client to the ExtraClub sport management software, you were asked to give a web address for your structure ending in extraclub.com. This address was also included in the subscription confirmation email. If you cannot find this information anymore, please read the page explaining how to retrieve your password.

Identification page When clicking on the link of your ExtraClub, an identification page with the name of your structure under the ExtraClub logo appears.

You only need to enter:

  • Your username
  • and your password

You will be logged in on the interface for which you have authorizations (see the box below). If you don’t remember your username or password, please visit this page.

Please remember that this connection address is the same for all the members and managers of the club. You are automatically redirected to the interfaces for which you have authorizations. Members will have access to the services dedicated to members and managers will have access to all the functions of ExtraClub (management of members, reservations, shop, …).

Password delivery

Giving their passwords to all your clients can be a very tedious task but don't worry, we worked hard to make this task easy for you. Every time you add a new client in ExtraClub, their usernames and passwords are generated automatically. The system also prompts you to send this information to that person in an email provided that the email address was given.

The people who would have not received this information or who would have lost it can request a new password. This action is possible only if they have provided their email address.

The password delivery is a good reason for asking your members or clients to provide a valid email address. Once you have it, you can use it again to communicate with them.

What Internet browser do I need to use?

If you are a manager (using the “Members”, “Shop” and “Reservation” services), your ExtraClub is optimized for Mozilla Firefox and works on Mac or PC. You can download its latest version for free here.

As for your members, they can access their interface using the browser they prefer. It is compatible with Internet Explorer 6 through 9, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

I forgot my password to log in to the ExtraClub services

On the log in page of the ExtraClub services of your club (see how to log in), click on the “Forgot your password?” link next to the “Log in” button.

You are redirected to the interfaces designed to help you recover your password. There are two ways of retrieving your password:

  • trying to retrieve it by providing your email address
  • trying to reset your password

What is the difference?

Retrieving your password can only be done if you have never changed your password. For safety reasons, once your password has been changed, you are the only person who knows it.

Resetting your password allows you to go back to its initial state and you will receive it in an email.

General browsing rules when using the ExtraClub's interface for managers

The ExtraClub interface is very user-friendly. Here are some key features:

  • At top of the page, you will find the main themes you can find in ExtraClub.
  • Once you have chosen a main theme (section), you will get various buttons to navigate between all the modules (for instance, in the reservation section, you have modules called “Manage reservations” and “Data”.)
  • Finally, you have an icon bar bearing the color of the section allows you to navigate between all the menus and to reach the functions you need.
  • You can always go back to the homepage of ExtraClub by clicking on the ExtraClub logo.
  • You can also hide sections and modules by clicking the “full screen” icon at the top right of the page. If you click again, the screen will switch back to the standard view.

Connection problems

Here are the four main reasons why people cannot retrieve their password:

  • Passwords are case sensitive. Users need to respect lower cases and upper cases. Passwords generated by ExtraClub are in lower case. When they change their passwords, users can use both lower case and upper case letters but they need to stick to it.
  • They do not get their emails containing the information. Check your inbox to see if the message was not placed in your spam box.
  • They get a message saying that their email could not be found. Check their details to see if a valid was provided. You can also try to replace it with your own email and try to send the password again. If you cannot find the member's profile, maybe their name was misspelled or the profile has not been created. You can edit the profile or create a new one.
  • A message says that their email could not be found and you cannot find their details. The person has probably been deleted and they no longer have access to their ExtraClub. You need to create a new profile.
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