System requirements

Before using ExtraClub, please check that the following system requirements are installed or enabled on your computer:

1.An Internet browser

For managers (using the reservation, shop and member services), ExtraClub is optimized for Mozilla Firefox and works on a PC as well as on a Mac. You can download its latest version for free here.

As for the interfaces used by your members, they are compatible with any browser, so people can choose the one they prefer! ExtraClub is compatible with Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 as well as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

2.Javascript and cookies enabled

The browser you are using to visit ExtraClub has to support Javascript and cookies. They are usually supported by default, unless you changed the settings and blocked these functions.

3.An Internet connection to the server of your ExtraClub

The access to ExtraClub is possible via Internet, using a browser. An Internet connection is therefore required to access your ExtraClub.

Keep in mind that you can install ExtraClub on a server at your club. In that case, if your Internet access is not working, you can still access ExtraClub via a connection to your local network. If you opt for this solution, please contact StadLine.

You can also ask StadLine to put up a special system: every hour, we can automatically email you your schedules, member lists and lists of products for sale with their updated price. Then, it’s up to you to retrieve your emails with an email client such as Microsoft Outlook in order to have all the updated information you need to work while you are not connected to the Internet.

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