Starting to use ExtraClub

Welcome to the home page of ExtraClub. Here you will find all the information you need to understand how this page works so you can start using your sports club management software properly.

This page is divided into four main parts:

Today's birthdays

This screen shows all the members celebrating their birthdays. This is very convenient because it helps you strengthen your relationship with your clients. Indeed, as a manager (or employee) you cannot remember all your clients' birthdates so ExtraClub does it for you. It is always nice to get birthday wishes. This kind gesture shows that you care for your members.

You can also print this list by clicking the “Print” button. This action open a new tab on your internet browser. Then, you only need to click on the Printer icon to get the list on paper.

The ExtraClub user manuals

This is the ExtraClub help. From this box, you can browse in the manuals. You only need to click on the link you are interested in. For instance, if you need more information on a particular Section, you just need to click on the corresponding link to be redirected to the main menu of this Section. Let us guide you though all the pages or visit the Sitemap to find quickly and easily the notion you need information on. You can also use the search bar and enter keywords to find the page corresponding to your search.

The latest articles from the ExtraClub blog

This screen displays the most recent articles that are published on our blog. ExtraClub is a wide community and you are a part of it. To inform you with the latest features added to your ExtraClub, we publish a new article as soon as a new function arrive and enhances our offer. So, you can begin to use it right away thanks to very useful explanations. Moreover, we write articles on a regular basis providing tips so you can get the best of ExtraClub. Indeed, this sports club management software has so many functions that it is almost impossible to know everything. Thanks to these blog posts, you keep discovering new features that are useful for the management of your club. You can of course share with the ExtraClub community by writing comments to share your ideas or to explain to our team and to the other users how you use these functions and how they suit your needs.

Add a link to my website

If you have a website, you can copy and paste the link on your website administration so that an ExtraClub box appears on your web page. To copy this code, select it with your mouse. Then make a right-click and choose “Copy” and go to the administration page of your website and paste the code in the proper field.

Integrating a link to ExtraClub may be very useful: your clients will not need to remember the Internet address of your ExtraClub, one click on this box and they will be redirected to their ExtraClub interface and make a reservation. It has never been so easy!

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